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These groups are used for the selling, advertising and marketing of records and CDs:
Buying and selling collectible compact discs
Buying and selling non-vinyl/CD music
Buying and selling collectible vinyl records

Non-Commercial Groups

These newsgroups are discussion forums only. Do not post wanted or for sale notices in these groups:
Compact discs of collector value (NO wanted or forsale)
Memorabilia (NO wanted, forsale, CD or vinyl)
Collecting vinyl records (NO wanted or forsale)

Music Newsgroups
Vocal music without instrumental accompaniment
Music with Afro-Latin, African and Latin influences
Ambient music and artists
All aspects of the music of the Arab world
All aspects of Amy Grant's career
The Beach Boys' music & the effect they've had
The music of Bruce Hornsby
The music of Deborah Gibson
The band Extreme and members' post-breakup work
Gretchen Goes to Usenet
The rock band KISS and related projects
Mariah Carey and her music
Paul McCartney's music and life
The Thinking Mind's Metal Band
Forum for fans of Bruce Springsteen's music
Singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks
Barbershop quartet and chorus singing
Postings about the Fab Four & their music
Fab Four analytical & investigative articles.
Discussion of jazz, blues, and related types of music
The Blues in all forms and all aspects
All aspects of brazilian music
Traditional and modern music with a Celtic flavor
Christian music, both contemporary and traditional
Discussion about classical music
Contemporary classical music
Classical music performed on guitar
Performing classical (including early) music
Classical music on CD, vinyl, cassette, etc
Creating musical and lyrical works
Southern fiddle/banjo music and beyond
C&W music, performers, performances, etc
Discussion of comedy and novelty music
Discussion of Bob's works & music
Discussion of pre-classical European music
Music genre originated in the sf/fantasy fan community
Folks discussing folk music of various sorts
Funk, soul, rhythm & blues and related (moderated)
Discussion of Kate Bush & other alternative music.
A group for (Grateful) Dead-heads
Hip-Hop music and culture in general
Hindustani and Carnatic Indian classical music
Discussing Indian music in general
Discussion of all industrial-related music styles
News and announcements on musical topics.
Music lovers' group
Music for movies and television
"New Age" music discussions
All aspects of opera
Discussing the musical group Phish
Symphonic rock, art rock, fusion, Canterbury, RIO, etc
Ragtime and related music styles
Roots, Rockers, Dancehall Reggae
The musical group R.E.M
Reviews of music of all genres and mediums.
1950s Rock, Pop, and Rhythm & Blues music
1960s Rock, Pop, and Rhythm & Blues music
1970s Rock, Pop, Soul, and Rhythm & Blues music
Discussion of the female singer/songwriter Tori Amos
Discussion of music videos and music video software

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